Friday, January 6, 2012

So I've decided to become involved with the Pagan Blog Project for many reasons which I wont get into right now but I'm sure they will come out at some point in the weeks to follow.

This week is the letter "A" and I have chosen affirmations. I guess I should start with explaining just what an affirmation is. Basically every thought you think & every word you say is an affirmation. Unfortunately there are "negative" affirmations as well as positive ones as with many things in our lives & the negative is many times more easy or more frequently remembered.

Let me explain a little about myself so as to show how I use affirmations. I am my mothers only child BUT I have MANY step siblings - same father. I grew up as an only child in an abusive (emotionally, physically, & sexually) household. Being beaten many times a week for small infractions, being told many times a day that I was fat, ugly, lazy & to shut up - nobody cared what I had to say. I always looked for the good in EVERY situation so in a way the beatings & what not were the only attention I would get so it must be ok right ? yeah I know weird thinking but in a kids mind it was what it was). So my world became my room & books & music. I became with drawn & stayed to myself. I quickly learned when to smile & be jolly because if I was not people would question why & that would just be reason for another beating. So as soon as possible I got out of that household, but the things I had been told all my life were right in my mind 24/7 so I continued to stay to myself so nobody could hurt me. So eventually I did learn I was hurting myself so I set out to change that. I tried opening up & making friends, sometimes it worked & sometimes not. I finally found a group online & they were having a "get together". It sounded interesting so I made up my mind I was going & that I did. I was greeted by very friendly, caring, nonjudgmental people who welcomed me into their group. That first night was a real eye opener & we had a discussion on body shapes ( I am over weight & very self conscious about it) & how many of the pagan goddesses were obese & how that was considered beautiful. So I went to bed that night thinking of that conversation. Since then I have continued with the group as it is "home" to me & have learned MANY things.

OK I'll stop rambling & get back to my affirmations. Since that meeting I have incorporated affirmations into my daily life. When I first started there were post it notes everywhere with things written on them that I was thankful for. I could be found many times a day talking to myself in front of a mirror also. Now, when I wake up, I stretch & wake up all my muscles & basically say good morning to them & thank them for what movements I can still do (I am partially disabled & parts of my body just don't work as they used to). I then proceed to thank the Goddess for my body, life, family & many other things I am thankful for. Sometimes I listen & sing along with CD's to help me with some affirmations since I deeply love many types of music.

So there are many ways one can use affirmations... thinking them, writing them, singing them, talking to yourself. So be creative open yourself up to new & wonderful experiences & enjoy them BUT remember to try to keep them positive.

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  1. This is great! I'm going to take your advice and definitely use this. Thank you so much for sharing your story!