Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 4 "B" - Boji Stone

I had no intention of doing this weeks blog on crystals or stones of any kind, I had planned on doing balance - which is something I try very hard to keep in my life. But then life happened & some things went terribly wrong this week so I didn't get around to writing my blog until now, which is saturday morning at 12:24 am. I read through some of the other blogs while sitting at the hospital with my best friend today & I noticed a blog on balance so I thought I would go in a kind of different but similar direction. So here we go.

Boji stones originate in the United States and in Britian. These stones grow like mushrooms & have a strong earth connection, but the stone may disintegrate if left in the ground or exposed to the weather. It has been said that they are the most effective grounding stone of all stones. They gently but firmly return you to Earth and into your body, grounding you to the present. They are extremely useful for people who find it difficult to have more than a toehold in incarnation. Bojis have a strong protective function and are very useful for overcoming blockages. Boji stones are balancers and energizers and a pair balances the male-female energy within the body and aligns the chakras and subtle bodies.

It is said that only 1 male stone grows for every 7 female stones. The males stones appear to be rough and protruded while the females look smooth. These stones are best used in pairs but sometimes you may see a female Boji made into a pendant.

The most common of the stones are blackish brown in colour and shaped like a small flattish sphere. Their size can vary from about the size of a penny up to almost the size of a golf ball. In my experience the average size I have seen is around that of a 50 cent piece.
You can also get Rainbow Boji Stones. These are just as they sound in that they have rainbow colours running through them, most likely due to another mineral or crystal running through them. They are much harder to come by and much more expensive.
Blue Boji Stones have a high but grounded spiritual vibration. They are extremely useful when taking journeys out of the body as they facilitate traveling and guard the body until the soul returns.

Physically they stimulate the flow of energy through the meridian system inside your body.
Mentally, Boji's bring your attention to mental imprints and hypnotic commands from the past. boji Stones can be emotionally stabilizing, but they tend to insist that any necessary work be done first.
Psychologically, Boji Stones throw light on blockages at all levels. They clear blocked emotions and heal hurtful memories. They also reveal negative thought patterns and self-defeating behaviors for transformation. Going to the cause of psychosomatic disease, as stated above they dissolve blockages in the physical or subtle bodies. Holding a Boji Stone will align you to your shadow self, bringing up its repressed qualities so that you can gently release them and find the gift in them.

HEALING - heal energy blockages, relieve pain, and encourage tissue regeneration. They are useful when physical energy is low or when the condition is intractable. On a subtle level they realign the chakras and repair and reenergize "holes" in the auric body.

POSITION - Hold a pair of Bojis in your hands for 10 minutes or so, or place over a blockage or painful point. You can also grid around yourself when meditating.

I feel that by holding a Boji in each palm and placing a crystal between the thumb and index finger of each hand you can greatly enhance the experience. There are many different combinations that can be used but here are a couple that I have used regularly:

Herkimer diamonds - this greatly enhances the opening and linking with the crown chakra especially, and generally sends a blast of positive energy through each chakra along the way!! Do not try this is you are generally quite spacey; you will need very good control of your energies before you try this one !

Black tourmaline - this really brings you back down to earth! It will also help disperse and release any blockages you have.

As with all crystals and stones Boji need TLC and cleaning although many websites and books say that they dont. I like to use incense or sage to produce a smoke and "cleanse" them with it.


  1. I hope your friend is ok. This was an excellent choice for B, I have been reading a lot about these stones lately and realize that this is a sign I really need a set. As a true air sign I have have a great deal of trouble grounding and finding my balance. Calling my friend I buy my stones from and ordering a set next week!

  2. Great blog choice! I, personally, have never really got a lot out of Boji Stones. Although I find them fascinating! I didn't realise you could get them in the uk either? I'm very much rooted in my land, ancestors & beasts of the UK so maybe that's why I've never felt a lot from the stones I've held because they where from the USA? Thought provoking thank you! X